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Caught in the Wizarding World of HP

I confess I am a Potter-phile. I can’t get enough of the wizarding world. I reread the books AND I watch the movies repeatedly¬†(for the record I love the movies BECAUSE they play out differently).

Top five reasons:

1. Watching the wizards grow up in words is amazing. Their dialogue changes. Their attitudes change. Their basic character remains.

2. Relearning hat everyone is good and everyone has evil from the day we are born!¬†It’s circumstance and decisions that determine who we are in the end. Everyone must choose.

3. Hogwarts is familiar. Like like it is safe and it’s not. Harry feels safer there than at the Dursley’s, but in reality he is in much more danger. Still it is home and he wants to be there. Even in his darkest hours at Hogwarts, his true family is there.

4. Fred and George! Who would not want to own a joke shop? These guys absolutely crack me up. The reality of losing one of them in the end is just that…reality. Sometimes people die and you have to go on.

5. Sirius Black. I wish there was more of him. J.K. needs to write a book about his life.

What do you reread?

Given the opportunity, would you ask the author of your favorite read to write something more about the subject? If yes, what would it be? If no, why not?


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