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I started reading Stephen King’s Revival last fall after it’s release. Unfortunately several life situations took me away from my read and it came due at the library. I immediately reserve it again, but being that it is a new book it has taken this long to make it’s way back to me. In the meantime I did something I rarely do – read reviews before I read the book.

The reviews led me to this quote, “” King has always been generous in acknowledging the inspiration for his fiction. With “Revival,” he names Arthur Machen’s “The Great God Pan” (1894), one of the greatest supernatural tales ever written.” Ah ha! I’ve never read that and, further, I don’t know Arthur Machen’s work. My research tells me that Machen was also followed by H.P. Lovecraft.

Time for me to delve further into the book web even though I’m a mere fifty pages into my current book. I’ve reserved it at the library.

Also, my supernatural phase is starting early this year. Usually I reserve it for fall!


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Whoa…it’s been a long time

I’ve been so busy in the past year that this site has gone silent. I’ve read and reread a lot of books in the meantime. I’ve found that I just recently started hyper-reading again after a hiatus of sticking to one book, one subject for a while.

Right now I’m finishing up The Gift of Fear by Gavin De Becker. This is one of the most important books I’ve ever held in my hands. I had it out from the library, but have since decided to buy it and to recommend it to everyone who has ever been fearful or will ever be fearful. IN short, everyone should read this book.

Gavin De Becker is an expert on violent behaviors. He is called upon in big court cases (think O.J. and Judas Priest). He consults when violent acts occur. He is trained to spot violence and this book provides good, practical evidence and suggestions on how the rest of us can predict by relying on our intuition.

Where is it taking me? To revisit books like The Murder Room and The Poisoner’s Bible. It also just may be something that can finally help me to put my own pen to paper and being writing a short story with all of this in mind.

Mr. De Becker emphasized what I’ve always known. Listen to your inner-voice…your intuition. Make decisions based on that voice that help you stay safe. Report what you see. The good news is that he does it without an ounce of paranoiac rhetoric. Just facts. Just evidence. Just thoughtful insight.

Read this book. It’s important.

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Twins in Stories

In the past couple of weeks I have read The Lace Reader and now Her Fearful Symmetry. If you want to count Alice in Wonderland, that makes three total stories with twins. I want to remember that twins is important for me for some reason. I’ll write more about that later.

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