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READER RANT: I’m on a few reading forums and I tire of people making claims that “no one reads anymore.” The claim is that we are too technologically oriented to “read.” So define reading first. Is the definition of reading picking up a paper book ONLY and turning pages on fictional novels? I don’t believe that is a clear definition of reading. I believe that is an important PIECE of the reading puzzle. Fictional novels, perhaps even the traditional western canon of literature should be explored, yes,AND reading is also: non-fiction/literary non-fiction of any kind, manuals and educational papers, magazines (yes ANY magazine), and fan fiction graphic novels and comic books (which actually have higher level vocabulary and some require the reader to have a greater comprehension because there are fewer words) are ALL examples of how much we are reading as a society now.

Now let’s tackle HOW we read. 1. Paper book sales are actually on the rise (source NYTimes, June, 2015) 2. Millennials are out-reading their older counterparts (source The Atlantic, 2014) 3. OPINION: I read several books at a time BECAUSE of technology. Right now I have a 700 page print book sitting in front of me, a book on writing and technology that a friend wrote sitting beside the bed, an audio book that I listen to every time I drive, several magazines for perusing at my leisure, and several articles and fan fiction that I like on my reading queue on my Kindle app. OPINION: Some people have become readers OR better readers BECAUSE of the technology available.

So…before you judge someone who is always on their phone, iPad,tablet, etc. – know that they could be reading something that has them transfixed and they just can’t put down. And yes…they might be texting…which also requires reading In my case, I’m probably reading OR editing a photo (which is another rant that needs attention on another day).



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