Brown Girl Dreaming and other YA Feminist Lit

Book Riot posted a list of children and young adult books with strong female and/or feminist themes. I’ve decided to read all of them. I started with reading the Year of Shadows by Clare Legrand and by listening to the audio version of Brown Girl Dreaming.

The Year of Shadows is coming along, but I am not quite finished so that is on hold.

Brown Girl Dreaming is another story. It’s a mere 4 cd’s so it was a quick listen. This fledgling Newberry Award Winner did not disappoint. Jacqueline Woodson’s memoire tells a story so compelling that I found myself sitting in the car wanting more words when the final track played. The book is full of her story. A story that starts right here in my own Columbus, Ohio then leads to the south in the early 1960’s and finally to Brooklyn during the turbulent 60’s and 70’s.

“Jackie” tells the tale of what it is like to be of my generation and of my humble beginnings so I can relate to the sights and sounds of the times. She also tells the tale of what it is like to remember her beginnings as a black child and, through the voice of her southern grandmother, mother, grandfather and other family members, a brown person in a turbulent times. She weaves the happiness and sadness of that era together like a song to be sung for the ages.

I want to read Langston Hughes while this book is still fresh in my mind. I want to find “Stevie” by Por John Steptoe and read it too. I want to relate.

I highly recommend the audio book. Listening to Ms Woodson’s story in her own voice is powerful. This will be with me for a long, long time.


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